CMDB & Monitoring Solution

ITSentinel is DugasEnt’s CMDB and monitoring solution for IT projects. It is intended primarily to support maintenance teams responsible for geographically distributed networks and field equipment typical in transportation, utility and security deployments. It provides an audit-logged data model storing details for managed devices, where they are deployed, connections between them, how they are configured along with their historical and current status. The model is extensible to support arbitrary configuration details as needed so it can serve as a central repository of inventory and configuration data for purposes beyond maintenance.

The project is a ground-up redesign and expansion of proven concepts originally developed by Paul Dugas while supporting various projects between 1997 and 2016 where various parts of the solution were toyed with and tested. A few attempts were initiated on those projects to adjust existing systems to complete the vision but they never materialized. After Paul returned to independent work in 2016, he set about to create a commercial product to finally implement the complete concept and share the solution with other maintenance teams. ITSentinel is the result of that effort.

ITSentinel is under active development. See the staging instance to see where things stand. Contact us for a demonstration and to discuss potential use of the CMDB for your networks.